Introducing Isabella's Clearly

Isabella’s Clearly was created out of the passion to provide natural unisex beauty products with 100% natural ingredients for the hair, skin and body that work well, easy to use and competitively priced. Our desire is to leave our customers impressed and fascinated with the simplicity and function.

When my oldest daughter, Isabella, approached me more than a year ago telling me how she has been using natural oils and salts for her hair and skin, I never thought we would be where we are today. Isabella has been studying, talking with her grandmothers and learning all about the use of natural products in beauty. I was even more impressed when her younger sister, Angelina began to help. Watching the two of them, I was so impressed that a couple of weeks later, I joined them.

We partnered together, hired some help and created Isabella’s Clearly, a natural-only line of products for Hair, Skin and Body. The interest in our products and the feedback have been touching, so we decided to build it together. People just loved what it did for them as much as we did. We're excited and working hard!

- Isabella, Angelina and Dad (James)

The whole story

Growing up, young Isabella was fascinated by the use of natural ingredients for beauty in history. Isabella spent time with her Egyptian and Estonian grandmothers learning about two fascinating cultures with one definitive thing in common – nature and its’ secrets. Estonians are known for their love of nature and take pride in it. Their land is 55% covered with forest, pure air quality and old Nordic secrets of people who made their life and medicine out of natural ingredients for healing and beauty. Egypt, an ancient culture on the fertile Nile and Mediterranean coast allowed civilization to be born. The use of natural oils, salts natural herbs and beauty secrets originated there and made their way into the rest of the world over centuries. Learning about the use of natural ingredients in history, what she learned from her grandmothers, coupled with her passion was key in creating Isabella’s Clearly.

Did you know that people all over the world were using oil extracts and plant essential as the primary beauty products for Hair, Skin and Body since the dawn of human kind? It wasn’t until the chemical industry developed early into the previous century where the ingredients radically changed. The industry has been reversing course in the last few years with increased focus on natural products.

As early as 10,000 BC Egypt, people used scented oils to clean and soften their skin and hair. Oils were used for protection against the sun, wind and moister. Myrrh, Thyme, Marjoram, Chamomile, Lavender, Lily, Peppermint, Rosemary, Cedar, Rose, Aloe, Olive oil, Sesame, and Almond oils provided the basic ingredients of most cosmetics. The big question in Isabella’s mind was how they managed without having the overwhelming number of beauty products like we have today available to them.

She eventually began to put together some of the same ingredients for her own use. With time, she put together the perfect blends from mother earth’s nature and minimized the amount of effort for her morning routine allowing her to get up, go with no-fuss while not feeling guilty about using chemically–infested products. You can be part of this too.

Isabella inspired her father who later joined the effort and the family launched Isabella’s Clearly with an entire product line for Hair, Skin and Body beauty solutions. Whether the need is to reduce frizz, hydrate dry skin, relax in an aromatherapy bath, moisturize the scalp or help grow longer shiny hair – It’s all 100% natural, effective and you will be just as addicted.

Some of the current products

·         Clearly Tame - Effortless No-Frizz

·         Clearly Wave -  Effortless Waves              

·         Clearly Soft - Smooth Healthy Skin

·         Clearly Free - Flake Free Healthy Scalp

·         Clearly Calm - Soft Skin Exfoliating Scrub               

·         Clearly Luxe - Soothing and Relaxing Bath

·         Clearly Long - Naturally Stimulates Hair Growth

·         Clearly NAIL – Strong Smooth Healthy Nails

·         Clearly GAIN - Fuller Thicker Hair

·         Clearly SLIM – Localized Fat Loss