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Isabella’s Clearly is ready to grow and take on a challenge. We could use your help to get visibility for our fund raising campaign.

As you may know, we’ve been working on Isabella’s Clearly health and beauty products for more than a year now. We have a great team in place and building it up as fast as we can. We setup manufacturing in both Southern California as well as in Tallinn, Estonia. We’ve been selling online for a few months. The feedback has been super positive which convinces us, we’re on to something unique and interesting. We have lots of praise on our website and a few interesting mentions from beauty bloggers. Here are some of the words experts described it: Fabulous,  Glamorous,  A must-for-every-woman, and Simply Lovely

We began raising money on Indiegogo to hire help to enable us to push the business development to place the products on store shelves and kick-start our marketing efforts. The campaign will be live for the next 29 days.

Can you help get the word out? If you feel comfortable sharing, just go here and click Facebook or Twitter on the left hand side – this will be tremendous help.

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Thanks for your help!