Anti-Aging Skin with 11 Magical Oils

So what’s all the fuss about with oils and skin recently? More and more skin care products contain oils as a primary ingredient. In fact people are moving away from creams and more towards simple, natural, high quality oils to help protect, rejuvenate, moisturize and keep their skin young. Isabella's Clearly Soft has the best nature has to offer for the skin.

The skin is our biggest organ and is the primary entry point into our bodies. It’s a not a barrier, but a medium through which we’re exposed to everything the environment around us has to offer - good and bad. So it is important to keep our skin happy not only to look and feel great, but also to be healthy.

The collagen in our skin is something that reduces with age. This is one of the reasons wrinkles appear on the skin. Avocado oil for example has the ability to increase the amount of collagen and improves the firmness and helps eliminate wrinkles. Also free-radicals damage can be considered as one of the most prominent causes of aging fibers. In fact, free-radicals do affect cells in our entire body. The negative effects of free-radicals get worse when they get frenzied. Cigarette smoke and ultra violet radiation from the sun are some examples that lead skin cells to become frenzied. This can lead to a rough skin and wrinkles. Collagen helps lessen the damage from free-radicals, but sadly it is reduced with age needs to be replenished.

Isabella’s Clearly SOFT has put together just the right combination of the most potent high quality ingredients recognized to keep your skin healthy, smooth and wrinkle free.

Sweet Almond oil contains large amounts of vitamins E and K helping the skin cells regenerate and maintain a youthful elasticity. It protects by blocking UV rays from exposure to the sun and it enhances the circulation keeping your cells vibrant. It’s a light oil and absorbs relatively quickly which makes it wonderful compared to many other heavy oils that tend to have a greasy feel.

SOFT contain a small amount of Avocado oil due to its thickness. However, it is the right amount to get the benefits from the vitamins A and E and the collagen boosting sterolins that it contains.

Egyptian Geranium oil has direct benefits to lighten age spots and even out the skin tone.  It also improves circulation under in the epidermis layer and helps with cell regeneration. It is perfect for wrinkles reduction and skin imperfections.

Grapeseed helps tighten the skin and closes up the pores giving it a nice smooth look and soft feel. Grapeseed oil, applied daily for a few weeks, can relieve the dark circles around the eyes naturally without the need for chemicals and procedures. It’s even known to help reduce acne.

The fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA) in Borage oil has recently become very popular in helping to maintain the skin water barrier and regulate the moisture. Research shows that it helps with the treatment of various skin conditions including dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, and redness reduction.

Peppermint has antimicrobial properties which helps the skin stay cool, but also promotes the skin to release its natural oils. A tiny amount of Lavender and Ylang-Ylang essential oils with antiseptic and antifungal properties keeps your skin healthy and vibrant.

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Jasmine and Tangerine oils have long been associated with skin care and treating dry, brittle, and dehydrated skin helping with eczema and dermatitis symptoms.


Camellia oil is one oils that has been used extensively for skin in the east. This addition to Clearly SOFT locks in the desired anti-aging properties we were seeking to help protect against free-radical damage due to its antioxidant content.

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