TOP 5 essential oils for hair growth

Usually during the Autumn, we lack energy and some nutrients because the transition between seasons is not easy on our body. We can experience bad moods and low energy levels, sometimes breakouts may appear on our skin and hair loss can also be a symptom. However, there is always a way to help your body function at the highest level possible during this complicated period.

The right natural remedies will take care of your hair and scalp needs, balance and nutrients. They will also help you look great. And if you look great, you will also feel great.

TOP 5 Essential Oils for Hair growth

So here are TOP 5 essential oils for thicker hair and healthier scalp.

  1. Rosemary Essential Oil
    Rosemary is one of the most commonly used oils for accelerating hair growth. Rosemary increases cellular metabolism that stimulates hair growth and thickens the hair. Full of antioxidants, Rosemary essential oil help prevent hair loss and contribute to faster hair growth. It is a strong antimicrobial remedy with anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help prevent and treat dandruff, flaky scalp and other infections on the scalp that lead to hair fall. Rosemary essential oil balances sebum secretion on the excessively oily scalp as well as cleaning up the skin, promoting a healthy scalp that fosters the formation of new hairs.
  2. Cedar wood Essential Oil
    Cedar wood essential oil as well as Rosemary stimulates the hair follicles by increasing blood flow to the scalp.  It helps fix thinning hair problem and various types of alopecia. Cedar wood oil, used for treating dandruff, is an efficient tonic for overall hair health. It has a great reputation for preventing hair loss and promoting the growth of new hair. Cedar wood essential oil protects the scalp from fungal infections, that cause hair to fall out.
  3. Clary Sage Essential Oil
    Clary Sage essential oil has some similar properties as Rosemary and Cedar wood essential oils due its ability to increase cellular metabolism & balance scalp oils. Clary sage provides hormone balancing, relaxing qualities. It works well for promoting hair growth, eliminating dandruff and limiting oil buildup, that clogs hair follicles, by reducing sebum production. It is medically beneficial due to its richness in nutrients such as vitamins B, A and C and the minerals Potassium and Calcium.
  4. Lavender Essential Oil
    Lavender essential oil is an excellent source of nutriment for our hair and scalp.  Its healing properties keep the scalp clean and free from irritations, such as dandruff and itchiness. Using Lavender essential on your scalp and hair may also become be a therapeutic process, that helps to relieve some of the psychological stress and helps to prevent hair loss related to your sensitive mental condition.  As all previously mentioned essential oils it increases blood circulation, providing more oxygen to the cells, as a result causing hair grow faster.
  5. Cypress Essential Oil
    Cypress is often a part of the content in many hair treatment products, because of its property to increase circulation and capillary strength. As well as many other above mentioned essential oils it balances sebum secretion of the scalp.
  6. Peppermint Essential Oil
    As a little bonus we decided to add Peppermint Essential Oil to this list. You can read a very well-written and informative article on the benefits of Peppermint Essential oil for hair here. On this website you will find many other good articles about natural ways to prevent hair loss, so go check it out.

Here are some ways how to use essential oils on your scalp:

  • Mix a few drops of essential oil with a carrier oil like Jojoba or Grape seed oil. Then massage the mixture into your scalp and hair. Leave for 10-15 minutes as a pre-wash mask or overnight. Wash your hair. Dry and style as usual.
  • Another convenient way to use essential oils for hair fall problem is along with your regular shampoo. You can add 1 drop of any preferred essential oil to 4 ounce of shampoo. If you want to get maximum benefit you can add 1 drop of all essential oils to your shampoo, but do not forget to increase the amount of shampoo as well! You will achieve even better results if you switch from usual drugstore shampoo to the one, that doesn’t contain SLS, Parabens and Silicones.


As you have already noticed, to have healthy and thicker hair it is essential that circulation in the tissues, sebum secretion in the scalp tissues and hormones are in order. Other than that being calm and relaxed, you will also enjoy gorgeous and healthy hair and scalp.

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Good luck!