Soft Skin and Natural Mood Enhancement

Did you know that essential oils can help your mood? Lavender, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Chamomile, Lemon, Ylang-Ylang will make you happier and give you joy. Rosemary and Lemon increases your brain power, focus and ability to concentrate. Lavender will help you fight depression. Peppermint will give you more energy and boost your clarity.

It is a known fact that some scents will help boot your performance including on the job while adding to your general well being, health and vitality. A simple sniff can help uplift your mood and power-up your immune system and red blood cells. While you can of course do this at work during the day, people might think you're a bit strange. However, you can hopefully enjoy a nice evening relaxing aromatic bath.

Here are a few of our favorite oils:

1. Lavender. The calming effects of this essential oil help you control emotional stress and anxiety. It calms the nerves and relieves any nervous tension including the treatment of headaches and migraines.

2. Jasmine. Similar to Lavender, this uplifting oil is frequently used as an anti-depressant promoting confidence and optimism.

3. Rosemary. Use it instead of coffee! It helps wake you up and improved memory retention. It’s typically used as a stimulant fighting exhaustion and fatigue.

4. Lemon. Promotes concentration with clarifying properties that are helpful when feeling anxious or upset. Not to mention the powerful antiviral and antibacterial benefits to help with sore throats and colds and improving circulation.

5. Peppermint. Need more energy? This essential oil boots your energy. It invigorates the mind, helps with concentration and clarity.

Clearly SOFT - Smooth Soft Skin Miracle Formula

Clearly SOFT - Smooth Soft Skin Miracle Formula

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Start your day with a rub of Isabella’s Clearly Soft for smooth skin and an uplifting brighter relaxed smile with Lavender, Rosemary and a bit of Jasmine. Apply some Clearly Free to your scalp to protect against dandruff after your morning shower and reap the benefits of all three Rosemary, Lemon and Lavender.

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