Nourish Your Hair Naturally

While most of us do know what is wrong with our hair be it dandruff, thinning hair or dry scalp, what you might not know is that essential oils provide nutrients to hair even before the damage begins. Hair that shines with good health is not difficult to accomplish provided that you use the right essential oils in the appropriate portions and in good harmony. Essential oils are obtained from natural plants and flowers through distillation and are totally natural. Using products that have more than three essential oils accrues maximum benefits.

Almond oil resembles the natural oil produced by our skin and so it mixes with the natural scalp oil to provide the right level of moisture. Mixing in Peppermint, Ylang and Lavender for natural cooling helps hair follicles to relax and this promotes hair growth. These oils also soothe the scalp and prevent oiliness. Ylang and sage work as antiseptics to keep the scalp clean and prevent psoriasis while cypress repels dandruff. Isabella’s Clearly LONG combines the goodness of all these essential oils to give your hair a well-groomed and elegant look. It can be used either as a pre-hair-wash treatment or in small dime size amount after washing depending on your hair type. It is available at AMAZON | ETSY

Castor oil is very effective in promoting hair growth and can absorb water from the air which removes dryness and improves damaged hair as it locks in natural moisture. Sandalwood oil keeps hair from getting dry. Both of these oils have antibacterial and antifungal properties that keep the scalp healthy. Sandalwood oil brings out the shine. Adding Rosemary will help your mane remain nutritious as it repairs damaged hair, increases hair growth and stimulates blood circulation. Another essential oil that increases blood flow and promotes hair growth is Basil. Lavender reduces itchiness and along with Peppermint wards off dandruff. Geranium provides many solutions for hair damage and also keeps each strand vitalized and healthy. Isabella’s Clearly TAME has been especially prepared keeping these properties in mind and so it will keep your hair shiny and elegant. AMAZON | ETSY

Essential oils helps to promote healthy hair and give it a well-groomed and elegant look, reducing frizz and dryness and improving the overall scalp health. Jojoba oil is used as a universal base oil suitable for all hair types while Virgin Olive oil has a number of nutrients and vitamin E that fight free radicals in the scalp.  Basil ensures that the scalp is stimulated enough to encourage the growth so that age related thinning of hair is reduced while Jasmine controls hair from getting coarse and dry and nourishes the roots so that each hair follicle remains lustrous. Both jasmine and basil keep the scalp healthy and free from infections. Himalayan Sea Salt Crystals are making waves as a remarkable salt that encourages hair growth. Use Isabella’s Clearly WAVE if you wish to maintain natural curls and also ensure your scalp is healthy and hair receives all the nutrients it requires. Using the curl iron is so easy if you use this product on your hair and will help protect your hair against the heat.Wave is available at AMAZON | ETSY.