Nowadays many people use oils as a moisturizer in their daily skin care routine. But not all of them know how to apply oil right to maximize the effect and see outstanding results.

First things first you should know is to apply oil on damp skin. Applying oil before you towel off your skin is very important! By doing so you will increase the absorption and moisture.

When oil is applied on the skin it becomes like a barrier  to keep moisture in your skin, and if the skin was dry before, it will remain as an additional coat on the face and will not work. But if it is applied on a slightly damp skin it will lock in the water on the skin. Water will gradually absorb into the skin along with soaking oil into it. As a result you will end up having hydrated and soft skin.

The result will be even better, if instead of tap water you will use Rose water, which is naturally higher in antioxidants and minerals. It will tone your skin and provide better nutrition.

 Also applying oil on the damp skin will help to spread the product evenly and use smaller amount of the product.